Who is PolyBond Flooring?

Patch Kits


Our epoxy patch kits are ready to ship with 1 gallon of our exclusive Epoxy, hardener, and 40+ lbs of aggregate.  This kit is great for on the go patch work in the plant, typically red or gray in color and we could also do custom colors.  Cure time is 4 hours. This kit has no odor.

Call or email for pricing/shipping. 

Mega Patch Kits


Our Mega Patch kit is ideal for hot or cold, damp, uncoated environments.  Mix with water to generate a trowel mix to fill cracks/voids anywhere.  Mix a little as you go for small jobs.  Cure time is 1-2 hours depending on temperature.   Call or email for pricing/shipping.

A progressive, innovative, customer driven, seamless flooring company that provides a multitude of sanitary solutions exclusively designed and installed for food and beverage environments.

Polybond provides our customers with long lasting, cost effective, solution based, sanitary systems and cost reductive programs. With over 30 years of proven success we utilize extensive knowledge and experience to design approach each project and provide our customers with fixed solutions. It is our mission to help you create a safe long lasting sanitary environment for your products and your people.

What can I expect from Polybond Flooring?

ü  Project simplicity

ü  Tailored design

ü  Durable sanitary systems

ü  Solutions

ü  100% project satisfaction

ü  5 year prorated warranty

Why should I choose Polybond Flooring?

Ø  Experience

Ø  Speed

Ø  Proven success referrals

Our Mission

Is to continue and further our successful partnerships within the food and beverage processing industry by giving our customers solution minded products that perform beyond environment expectation. It is further our mission to evolve as a fixed product solution for all food and beverage processing environments by continuing to innovate products and seamless sanitary solutions beyond tomorrows needs.

 Seamless Sanitary Flooring Solutions & Products


Over our many years of successfully executing projects in the food and beverage industry we upon experience have formulated a thorough and exact way of execution from start to finish. Our professional conduction is unparallel and we pride ourselves as we set new standards within our industry.

§  Facility analyses

§  Project assessment

§  Analyses utilization for cost reductive programs and corrective measures

§  Engineered solution specific in design for your environment

§  Pre-installation coordination and protective measures

§  Fast and tailored installation to keep you running

§  Experienced on-site supervision and crews

§  Post installation inspections and quality assurance sign offs

§  1 exclusive 5 year comprehensive warranty


Seamless Sanitary Flooring Solutions & Products

High performance floor solutions and systems

Polybond floor solutions have all been designed as monolithic impervious hygienic barriers, leaving no place for contaminants to hide.

Our individual design concept allows us to design approach system solutions for each individual environment. All system solutions exhibit unique characteristics that can be altered as needed to assure the following criteria is always met.

ü  Environment needs

ü  Environment function

ü  Foundation history

ü  Variables of environment such as thermal cycling

ü  Abrasive impact, type and volume

ü  Abrasive wear, traffic and volume

ü  Structural movements

ü  Chemical exposure

ü  Sanitation procedures

ü  Slip safety